Meet Alexis Kelleher

Crust Artisan Bakeshop opened in 2014.

Alexis worked three years for Crust’s previous owners before purchasing the business january 2017.

Owning a bakery “was in the back of my mind somewhere, but I really thought it was a lot further off,” she says. “When they approached me about buying Crust, I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.”

Kelleher, who grew up in Worcester, Was accustomed to hard work and long hours, having grown up helping out at her family’s business, George’s Coney Island hot dogs, a Worcester institution for over 100 years.

After graduating from Wellesley College, Kelleher found a four-month baking program at new england culinary Institute(NECI) in Montpelier, Vermont. She finished her program and began an internship at Albemarle Baking Company in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In 2013 she moved back to Massachusetts and worked in boston to help open the Patisserie on Newbury Street.

One year later she returned to her hometown and began working at Crust artisan bakeshop.

While down south “I saw how the bakery tied a lot of the restaurants together, and a lot of the restaurants were a big part of the city changing, which is what we’re seeing in Worcester,With all of these new restaurants opening up, it’s kind of like shifting the culture, which makes it so there’s more to do here. I think that having a hand in that, elevating the bread game, is really cool.”

Alexis can be seen most days Baking up fresh breads, breakfast pastries, and cookies. but to catch her in action you need to get to crust early (her days typically start at 5am)


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